Our Church

The Rehoboth Bethel Church Apostolic, Inc., was established and organized as a chartered church in the early 60’s at 255 School Street, Brockton, Massachusetts. The Physical roots of the church did not begin at School Street, but at Walnut Avenue in Boston.  Bishop R.O. Murray was sent to Boston to start a work under the leadership of Bishop R. A. Carr.  After a short time on Walnut Avenue the Church moved to Humbolt Avenue, there they labored hard for the gospel’s sake without fainting. Having found favor with God, the Lord added to the church and from this growth the church was relocated at 255 School Street, where many souls were saved and healed.

In 1965, the church again was blessed to purchase a piece of land at 232 Lockwood Street, where the church was built from the ground up. Here the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit was great and the spirit of the Lord expressed freely. Again to start another church at 156 Washington Street, Boston. The congregation grew in such a number until it was necessary to make a move to a larger place, which is our present home, 20 Michigan Avenue, Dorchester, Massachusetts. This move was made in 1967 where the church continues its ministry.

Bishop Washington, Sr., came to Rehoboth Bethel Apostolic Church in 1974 under the leadership of Bishop R.O. Murray. After hearing the anointed word of God he received the Gift of the Holy Ghost and water baptized in the name of Jesus.

Bishop Washington, Sr. continued in attendance faithfully. Because of his faithfulness, love for God and the people, Bishop Murray was moved by God to promote him to the office of a Deacon. God began to use him in mighty way and he was later appointed as Minister. He continued to grow and was anointed by God to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and then went on to become an Elder.

A New Chapter...........

In 2012, the church was blessed to purchase a vacant lot at 22 Michigan Avenue, Dorchester, next to our current church. The Lord has given our Pastor, Bishop L. Washington one of our biggest faith challenges in our church history to build a larger place of worship; to prepare for the overflow of souls coming and receiving freedom, deliverance, love that only Jesus, the God we serve can offer. We are aware of the magnitude of this Great Vision the Lord has given us far beyond what our natural eyes can see, but through the eyes of faith we see the hand of God at work!

God has given our Pastor, Bishop Washington a Faith Motto that we have been incorporating during this faith walk, “See The Vision, Believe the Vision, and Join the Vision.” Together, we are SBJ!

We believe that every now and then the Lord gives Bishop Murray a glimpse of what is taking place in Rehoboth and he rejoices that his work of labor and of love is still going on and he along with a great cloud of with Witnesses is cheering us on.

“For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Luke